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From the Closet to the Cloud! : P to V Migration of Linux System and Services

Do you operate servers that run on physical hardware on-premise, in a colocation facility, or a DIY server closet? Do you have a need or interest to bring your systems to the cloud?

This presentation walks through the migration of a CentOS 5.X Physical Server to a cloud-hosted Ubuntu 16.04 Virtual Machine. The server in question began its life in a colocation facility and served its purpose well enough. However, there were issues, including a tech forgetting to plug in the hard drive during a RAM upgrade to discovering the hosting provider itself had been acquired by a new company and would be shutting down all hosting services completely. These issues ultimately forced the move to a more resilient solution like the Fastest Web Hosting Canada that can avoid these types of issues by design.

The presentation content discusses the main processes involved in moving everything from the physical drives of the original server to a brand new and improved Virtual Machine that can scale on-demand, back itself up on a user-defined schedule, and also allow for white-label deployment using a base image. It will cover specific changes that had to be made from CentOS to Ubuntu, and reconfiguration steps for popular services such as apache2, exim, and dovecot. If you have an interest in general server operations / administration or have wondered about the benefits of moving physical servers to the cloud, this session will offer real-life insights, opinions, and examples to help you get started in the right direction.


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