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Paul DeCarlo
Sr. Software Development Engineer at Microsoft
Houston, Texas Area | Computer Software

Paul DeCarlo is a Sr. Software Engineer for Microsoft and Professor for the Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston. His current technology interests focus on Internet of Things, Cloud Applications, and App Development. He is an experienced startup founder for WinCoder LLC ( ). On weekends Paul performs as lead vocalist in Houston's Tool Tribute band - Spiral Out (

Senior Software Development Engineer (2017 - Present)
Public Company, 10001+, Computer Software

The role of a Software Development Engineer within Microsoft's Consumer Software Engineering team consists of building compelling tools and use cases through individual and customer engagements which focus on emerging technology platforms. Current endeavors include cognitive services for AI as a service, cloud deployments, Mobile development, Dev Ops, Internet of Things, and Data Visualization.

Adjunct Professor (2014 - Present)
University of Houston
Educational, 10001+, Higher Education

Instruct Cloud-Driven Mobile Application Development as part of the Management Information Systems track in the Bauer College of Business. This course covers: (a) Cloud Services for Mobile Devices --The primary technology being the Microsoft Azure Platform and focus on Windows Azure Mobile Services; (b) Cross Platform Development – Design considerations and code sharing techniques used in developing apps which target multiple platforms. The primary technology focus will being Visual Studio, Blend, and Portable Class Libraries; (c) Publishing applications to a digital marketplace – How to submit an application for certification in the Windows Store.

Windows Phone / Windows 8 Developer (2011 - Present)
Wincoder LLC
Self Owned, 2-10, Computer Software

Windows Phone / Windows 8 / Web Development startup. Currently offering multiple application brands in the Windows Phone 7 marketplace ranging from music/video aggregators, earthquake monitoring, and facebook/twitter interaction. Over 500,000 applications downloaded. Utilize C# .NET 4.0, WPF, Blend, and XNA.

Creator of Music aggregrator site which uses itunes sales data to autopopulate videos for 23 country categories with 20 genres each for a total of 460 categories. This app has been branded on the WP7 for each country. Notables include our Greek app at #3, Israel app at #2 and Japan app at #2 in the music + video category on the Zune marketplace. Website utilizes php, javascript, html, flash, bash code configured on Centos 5.6 running apache and mysql.

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  1. Darryl
    December 27, 2016 at 12:56 pm

    Hi love the tuts they are great as I’m new to BoUoW and Unix based software.

    I have been trying for a while now trying to get tcpcrypt to work on BoUoW but seem to be having no luck, I have been trying the Linux and Windows tcpcrypt install but they both fail so I thought you might like to look into it… also maybe do a tut on how to get it working on BoUoW or BoUoW + Windows tcpcrypt installer.

    Thanks for your time also thanks again for the tutorials.

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