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Workaround for “You’ve reached your MYSQL quota” with WordPress WebSite Deploy on Microsoft Azure

Normally to create a new WordPress site on Azure you would Click => New => Compute => Website => From Gallery => WordPress. Except, this doesn’t work if you already have an existing WordPress site on Azure because the MYSql provider “ClearDB” limits you to one SQL instance. In the final step, you may encounter the following message:


But… you can create a new one and attach it to your site by following these instructions:

1. Select your existing website from the left panel in the Azure Portal


2. Click “Dashboard”


3. Scroll down to “Linked Resources” and click the resource in blue


4. This brings you into your associated “ClearDB” account, click “Dashboard”


5. Click “Create a new Database”


6. Select the free “Mercury” instance


7. Choose the Primary region to deploy your database (you likely want this match the region you intend to deploy your Azure Website)


8. Click “Create my free Database”


9. Take note of the name of your newly created database


10. Back in Azure, create your new WordPress site from New => Compute => Website => From Gallery => WordPress and in step 3, select to “Use an existing MYSQL Database” and create a new WebScale Group in the same region as the Database that was created in step 7


All you have to do now is select your newly created database (name given in step 9) and you are good to go with using your new site against a new ClearDB database instance! Check the “ClearDB terms” box in the final step and notice the check mark is enabled and you can now deply your new WordPress site!


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