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Streaming Xbox One Games to Windows 10 Preview – Tutorial

Earlier today, a variety of exciting announcements were made from Microsoft at this year’s E3 gaming conference regarding Xbox One.  These include backwards compatibility with Xbox 360, playing Xbox One games on Oculus Rift, and streaming games to Windows 10 devices!  The games provided have become and many are using to help them get all the wins. I was unaware that this was already available until it was alluded to by a tweet from XboxQwik.  Having the Preview bits for Windows 10 already installed, I decided to explore and wound up figuring out how to enable Xbox One streaming to your Windows 10 device!




Please keep in mind, Xbox One to Windows 10 streaming is currently in preview and subject to change.  For more information, check the official streaming FAQ from  It is very exciting to see the direction the Xbox team has taken with integrating into Windows 10.  I can’t wait to see the final product when Windows 10 is officially released in late July!  Feel free to post your findings and experience in the comments!

Happy Hacking and Game On!

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