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Just published a Windows Phone or Windows 8 app? Get rewarded today!

Microsoft has implemented a number of promotions to reward students and independent developers who have recently submitted apps in the Windows Phone and Windows 8 marketplaces.  In this post, I am going to give a brief overview of the current promotional offerings.  Of course, you will want to make sure to take a look at the official terms and conditions.  Many of these offers can be used together, so for example, for publishing one app to the Windows Phone and Windows 8 marketplace, you may be eligible for a free game from App Builder Rewards, a gift card from DVLUP, and up to $150 from the Windows 8 Holiday challenge!  In most cases, so long as you have a recently published app in the Windows Phone or Windows 8 marketplace you should be able to qualify for one or more of the offers listed below!

App Builder Rewards
Code Apps. Complete Quests. Get Rewards! 
Eligible Platforms – Windows 8

You already know about the Windows Store App Builder program, right? It’s your one-stop source for tools, support, and everything else you need to publish and market a Windows app. Now, we’re thrilled to introduce App Builder Rewards! It’s a great way to explore the tools and resources you need to build an amazing app, while stretching and strengthening your coding skills. Here’s how it works: For a limited time, you’ll earn points for completing quests, such as coding apps, attending events, and, of course, publishing your apps to the Windows Store. Cash in your points to get cool stuff, like Xbox games, a Windows Store developer account, or a copy of Windows 8. If you’re ready to code, App Builder has everything you need to create a killer app and get it in the store. So what are you waiting for? Start building – and earning – today!

To get started, head to:

Next, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Join App Builder Today”

You can then link an existing Facebook or Microsoft account.
Once you are singed in, click the expand rewards button in the bottom right.

Once expanded, check out the Quests and start earning points!

As of writing, they are currently awarding 5,000 points per app submitted.  5,000 points can currently get you a copy of Halo 4, Gears of War 3, or a $25 Tango gift card!

Nokia DVLUP 
Complete App Challenges.  Earn XP.  Get Cool Stuff!
Eligible Platforms – Windows Phone (Windows 8 Coming Soon!)
By joining DVLUP, you’ll get exclusive access to App Challenges, news, events, partner opportunities and more. Earn points to redeem for Rewards, including promotional placements for your Apps. And if exclusive access and glory aren’t enough, we’ve got more badges than the lost & found at a police convention. Let’s get playing!

To get started, head to:

Sign in with an existing Microsoft or Nokia account and then complete the registration

Once logged in, click the challenges link

If you are just starting up, I highly suggest trying the quizzes.

Currently there is a 250XP challenge for submitting a new app, this is a great way to get a quick 250XP!
Click details to get started and it will help walk you through how to complete the challenge.

Make sure to check out the Rewards section.
Currently they are listing Xbox’s, Nokia Phones, and various other prizes!
You can get a variety of cool things for as little as 100 points!

Windows 8 Holiday Challenge
Win Cash over the Holidays!  Publish a Windows 8 app and get a chance to win big!
Eligible Platforms – Windows 8

To get started, head to:

If you are just getting started, you may want to check out some of the provided app templates.

Submit your published Windows 8 app and you may be eligible for $50 (red link)
When your app is downloaded 100 times, submit again, you may be eligible for another $100 (green link)

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